Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

Our success is closely linked to the confidence we instill in others through the ethical and honest management of our company and accurate public reporting. It is the policy of Arena to promote high standards of integrity by conducting our affairs in an honest and ethical manner, and our Board of Directors and senior management team are firmly committed to effective corporate governance.

Those principles apply to our relationships with our stockholders, employees, partners, contractors, vendors, community, and our competitors. Those principles also form the basis for the corporate governance documents that are available here for your review. We will review these documents periodically and amend them as necessary to help achieve their objectives.

Committee Charters

Title Documents

Audit Committee

Compensation Committee

Corporate Governance and Nominating Committee

Other Governance Documents

Title Documents

Insider Trading Policy

Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

Policy on Filing, Receipt and Treatment of Complaints ("Whistleblower Policy")

Board of Directors' Corporate Governance Guidelines

Occupational Health & Safety Policy

Commitment to Access to Medicines Policy

Human Rights Policy

Environmental Management Policy

Company Hotline

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